BUS136: Product Development | Product Management Plan
Proposed a product management plan for D24, a film production service offering independent filmmakers from underrepresented communities the opportunity to get their films picked up, produced, and released by D24.
Utilized class concepts such as value proposition analysis, product roadmaps, qualifying stages, and the marketing mix to effectively follow the launch of this service from the conceive phase to market entry.
May 2023.
BUS189: Strategic Management | SONY: Strategy Consulting Solutions
Semester long project designed to deep dive into the SONY brand and increase the brands efficiency through product and market repositioning. Utilized TOWS and quantitative planning matrix to identify the top strategies centered around organization design. Said strategies were focused on creating high efficiency product lines with SONY Pictures, the PlayStation brand, Bravia XR TVs, and Sony’s digital camera lineup. 
May 2023.
BUS130: Introduction to Marketing | Marketing Plan Project 
Apple: iLens
Researched previous Apple product sales trends to frame a hypothetical ‘iLens’ product launch proposal with quarterly projections in order to identify key product insights leading to a 19% increase in sales over 5 fiscal years. Covered financial goals, 5 Ps of marketing, and societal impact.
May 2022.